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Wolf Pack

Blazing fires and supernatural creatures aren’t the only challenges facing the teens at the heart of Wolf Pack’s first season. They’re also managing stress and anxiety around some pretty relatable issues – new relationships, conflict with friends, family drama, technology and the pressure to balance it all.


The strategies we see Everett and his friends using to cope with anxiety and stress aren’t just for life-threatening situations. We can all use them anywhere, anytime to help manage and improve our mental health.

Explore this page to learn more about anxiety, how to use these tools in your daily life, and ways to reach out for help if we’re struggling.

What Is Anxiety?

Most of us experience stress and anxiety in our lives. Although stress and anxiety are related, it’s important to understand the differences so we can identify and manage those feelings when they arise. Stress is a response to an external cause, and at healthy levels, stress can be helpful by motivating us or pushing us to take better care of ourselves.

On the other hand, anxiety comes from an internal place and is our reaction to that stress. If stress says “The test is tomorrow and you need to study”, anxiety says “You’ve waited too long, you’re going to fail and that’s going to mess up your plans for the future.” Anxiety often leans into the worse case scenario, can be extremely overwhelming, and can interfere with our ability to take the actions to feel better.

Coping With Anxiety

Tools like breathing exercises and tips like the ones here can help us manage, reduce and prevent anxiety.

If anxiety is overwhelming and/or ongoing, mental health professionals can help us find the right treatment plan. 

Support Your Pack

Friends are often the first to notice when we’re not feeling our best and can play an important role in helping us speak up and find ways to feel better.

Check out this page for signs that someone in your pack is struggling, tips on how to reach out and what to say, and ways to ask for help if you need it.

Need help now?

If you’re struggling and need to talk to someone, you’re not alone. There are lots of free, confidential resources available 24/7.