Bringing Mental Health Action to the Global Stage

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Billions of people across the globe have felt a strain on their mental wellbeing, as anxiety and stress levels have steadily risen during the COVID-19 pandemic. By taking action on their mental health, many can begin to find solutions but without the tools to properly take care of their mental health, they will continue to struggle in isolation.

That is why several organizations are committed to making the necessary resources available and accessible around the world, so that no one is left feeling powerless when it comes to taking mental health action.


“Together, as a collective, we ARE the solution” Gabriella Wright, Never Alone co-founder
Mental Health Action Day is a coalition of 1,000+ companies and non-profits from over 30 countries.

UNICEF is one of the many organizations that aim to bring mental health action to the global stage, urging people to advocate for the Mental Health Services for Students Act and by amplifying mental health resources for young people around the world through a variety of initiatives. These resources will include social media guides to help young people communicate their mental health needs and a webpage with stories of young people taking mental health action around the world.

The World Health Organization is broadcasting a discussion on YouTube with Dévora Kestel, Director of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Use at WHO and Cynthia Germanotta, Co-Founder of Born This Way Foundation and WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Mental Health, which will include a demonstration of exercises to help manage stress.

UN Verified, Never Alone Mental Health & Suicide Prevention, United for Global Mental Health, the Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative, Iwacu in Africa, and Nzumari Africa are other partners committed to making mental health action accessible and achievable worldwide.

“It is not that we have that ONE solution to our ongoing mental health crisis, but together, as a collective, we ARE the solution, and in this way, mental health action day is an important stepping stone in the direction of creating a global alliance where all resources are accessible for everyone,” said Never Alone co-founder Gabriella Wright.

With proper resources and support, we can begin to ensure that no matter where someone lives, they feel empowered to take action on their mental health.

Need help now?

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