Empowering Women to Take Mental Health Action

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More than one in five women experience a mental health condition each year in the United States and that number has almost certainly increased in the wake of the pandemic. An essential part of finding solutions and truly caring for mental health is taking action, and several organizations are working to provide women with the resources and support they need to feel empowered to take action towards mental wellness.

Gurls Talk is one of the many organizations that has committed themselves to helping women and girls take mental health action as a part of the Mental Health Action Day. Other partners include Kate Spade NY, Black Girls Smile, and theSkimm.

Sexual violence is often an overlooked aspect of mental health struggles, as victims of rape and sexual assault have been found to have an increased risk of depression, PTSD, and anxiety. With 1 in 6 women reporting to be the victim of a rape attempt in their lifetime, this can have massive longterm effects on their short-term and long-term mental health.

End Rape on Campus, It’s On Us, TIMES UP Foundation, One Love Foundation and Joyful Heart Foundation are among the organizations who are dedicated to helping heal and empower survivors of sexual assault, by providing the necessary resources to care for their mental health.

“As the nation’s leading youth sexual assault prevention nonprofit organization, It’s On Us recognizes how critical mental health and wellness are to stopping violence,” It’s On Us said in a statement. “We are proud to partner with MTV on Mental Health Action Day to amplify these important messages.”


With the space and resources to reflect and grow, women are able to prioritize their mental health journey and take action towards mental wellness. Mental Health Action Day is just the starting point for our coalition of partners to uplift these resources and the voices behind them that directly speak to women.

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