4 Companies Giving Their Employees the Tools to Take Mental Health Action

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Taking action for your mental health can be challenging but it’s much easier when you are given support. That’s why several companies are empowering their employees by providing them with the space and resources needed to care for their mental wellbeing. Here are four companies that have dedicated themselves to helping their employees make mental health action a regular part of their lives.

Chipotle Mexican Grill: The fast-casual restaurant chain will start a dialogue with their employees which will emphasize the importance of mental health. They will also be highlighting the resources that are available to them, including employees and their family members receiving mental health care through in-person, phone or virtual visits with a licensed counselor

Feeding America: The nationwide nonprofit organization is hosting a mental health webinar that will serve to support its member food banks in effectively maintaining and caring for their mental health.



Represent Justice: The criminal justice advocacy organization will be holding a staff session to discuss trauma-informed approaches that effectively protect mental health and wellbeing while working on justice issues.

Adobe: The software company is encouraging its employees to find mental wellness through helping others by featuring the Mental Health Is Health initiative on their quarterly ‘Tune In, Take Care’ session series for global employees. Adobe will also encourage employees to donate to mental health causes like JED Foundation and volunteer as mentors to young people through Adobe’s non-profit partners worldwide.

These are just a few of the many organizations that are giving their employees tools to take mental health action as a part of the Mental Health Is Health initiative. And with proper support, people can feel confident in taking the first action towards mental wellness.

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