Getting help

We shouldn’t wait until things are difficult to reach out. Learn more about mental health professionals who can help you overcome or manage emotional challenges, and explore coping and treatment options below.

Types of talk therapy

Psychotherapy is the process of talking to a mental health professional to treat or cope with mental health challenges.

Common approaches

What to expect

Therapy sessions usually focus on moods, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

In this video, therapist and vlogger Kati Morton shares what usually happens in a first session.

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Get Support

Mental health professionals are trained to support people who are struggling with any mental health challenge. If you need immediate help, please use one of the first two resources below to talk to a trained counselor 24/7.

When contacting a resource below, any information you provide will be collected and used by that resource, subject to its end user terms and conditions and privacy policy. Please contact the applicable resource if you would like more information.
Resource Type Contact
Crisis Text Line Text Line Text ACTION to 741-741
Lifeline Call Line 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Trans Lifeline Call Line 877-565-8860
The Trevor Project Website Visit website
ADAA Therapist Search Website Visit website
BetterHelp Website Visit website
Talkspace Website Visit website