It’s Time to Prioritize Mental Health in the Latino/a/x Community

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The Latino/a/x community faces significant barriers to mental health care, with less than half of Latino/a/x young adults ages 18-25 with serious mental illness receiving proper treatment. Without the proper resources and support, many Latino/a/x individuals are unable to take mental health action or start on the path towards mental wellness. That is why several organizations are working to provide the resources necessary to empower and enable the Latino/a/x community to take mental health action.

Univision Communications Inc. is planning to connect viewers to mental health resources by activating over 120 television and radio stations around the country and over 200 social media accounts in Spanish that directly reach the Latino/a/x community.

Aliento is focused on amplifying messages from an immigrant lens to demonstrate why mental health matters, along with removing the stigma associated with mental health. Their messages will focus on healing through arts, therapy, and storytelling.


Justice for Migrant Women is partnering with National Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Program, Latinx Therapy, and the Eva Longoria Foundation, with funding from The Workers Lab Innovation Fund and Collective Future Fund, to offer a new program called “Healing Voices.” The program will pilot the use of technology in order to engage farmworkers and bring them together in virtual support groups to provide a space for healing, while teaching workers their rights, building community connections, and inspiring change.

The National Alliance for Hispanic Health, Harness, and Poder Latinx are other partners committed to making mental health action accessible and achievable for the Latino/a/x community.

With access to mental health resources, Latino/a/x Americans can be empowered to take action on their mental health while continuing to uplift and support their communities.

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