Making Mental Health a Priority in the Gaming Community

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Video games allow people all around the world to connect and every year, more and more people pick up a controller and discover their love for gaming. Just how big is the world of gaming? A study from 2020 estimated that there are approximately 3.1 billion gamers worldwide, which accounts for almost 40% of the global population and “people spend a staggering 1.7 billion hours per month watching Twitch streams, which is more than twice the hours spent on Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and HBO combined.”

The video game industry recognizes the massive scope of its audience and the responsibility they have to encourage the gaming community to take mental health action. Millennials and Gen Z, who account for nearly 60 percent of all gamers, have increased rates of anxiety and depression compared to older generations. By making mental health a priority in the gaming community, it can positively impact younger generations.

Taking action requires support and necessary resources, which is why major gaming companies and organizations are working to make mental health action a foundational part of the gaming experience.

Nearly 60 percent of all gamers, have increased rates of anxiety and depression compared to older generations.

For Mental Health Action Day, Queen’s Gaming Collective put together a marathon charity stream for Rise Above the Disorder featuring Queen’s HelloIamKate, BlackKrystel, MaidofMight, and Alexis Jones and more united with special guests like Nerdist’s and Geekbomb‘s Maude Garrett, American television presenter, actress, and former executive producer of Good Game, Michelle Morrow, and more. The stream’s goal is to “start a journey of finding the best ways to rise above online harassment together and supporting each other’s mental health” and will include round table conversations, as well as giving female gamers the opportunity to speak with mental health professionals about ways to protect themselves and others from harassment.


Tilitify is committed to making mental health action achievable and accessible for the gaming community. Throughout the month of May, the livestream interactive fundraising platform has hosted weekly mental-health themed podcasts and interviews.

FaZe Clan, The Coalition of Parents in Esports, Women in Games International, BLAST, the*gameHERS, and Gaming for Mental Health are other partners who are specifically aiming to provide support to gamers as a part of the Mental Health Is Health initiative.

As the gaming community continues to grow, making mental health a priority will allow gamers to feel empowered and supported as they begin to take action in their mental health journey.

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