Feeling anxious

Anxiety is a normal emotion that evolved as an age-old survival instinct from when humans faced frequent threats. That response to stressful situations still exists inside all of us, and it can be overwhelming. If anxiety starts to interfere with our ability to enjoy life, it’s time to manage those feelings in a healthy way.


Anxiety has physical side effects like chest tightness and shallow breathing, which can make it hard to think clearly and feel calmer. Breathing exercises can alleviate that physical reaction and help us cope in the moment.


If you’re anxious a lot, it can help to explore what’s known about anxiety and how to effectively manage it.



Bottling up anxiety can make it worse. Talking about it often makes it better. If anxiety is interfering with school, work or relationships, it’s wise to reach out for support from a professional before things get worse.

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Need help now?

If you’re struggling and need to talk to someone, you are not alone. There are many free, confidential resources available 24/7.