Feeling sad

We all feel sad sometimes, whether we’re going through a break-up, receiving bad news, or simply watching a really heartbreaking movie. Sadness isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing — it can make us more empathetic and resilient, and sad feelings can be reduced or managed.

Sadness is different from the medical condition depression, which you can learn about here.


Breathe and let go of sadness with this mini meditation from Headspace.


Too often our response to challenging emotions is to just push through them, and sadness is one of those feelings that’s often seen as something to avoid. Instead, try leaning into those feelings instead of ignoring or outrunning them.

  • Name Your Feelings

    Part of reflecting on difficult feelings is naming them. There’s actually science that proves it.

  • Write About Them

    Journaling is a powerful way to lean into sadness. Spend a few minutes each day writing about how you’re feeling.

  • Accept Them

    Acknowledge that it’s okay to feel sad. Remind yourself that these feelings will lessen over time.

Need help now?

If sad feelings interfere with your quality of life and last for several weeks, reach out to a mental health professional for support.