Sometimes it’s easy to describe how we’re feeling inside. Other times, we just feel “off,” different or overwhelmed and can’t really pinpoint what’s going on.

Even when we can’t exactly name the emotion or what’s causing it, we can still take actions to improve the way we feel and take care of ourselves.


Journaling helps us reflect on difficult thoughts and feelings, so we can better understand and address what we’re going through. This article from VeryWellMind is a good place to start.


Feeling “weird’ often involves emotions we can’t name, an overall foggy feeling or an inability to focus.

These videos can help us learn about those feelings, dig deeper and help manage them.



Headspace features video experiences to help us manage difficult emotions. Learn breathing techniques and meditation to unwind. 


Start now


Feeling “weird” can be unsettling and your inclination may be to ignore those feelings and hope they go away. But when things don’t feel right, we need to explore those feelings and talk about them. Start with one of these resources.

When contacting a resource below, any information you provide will be collected and used by that resource, subject to its end user terms and conditions and privacy policy. Please contact the applicable resource if you would like more information.
Resource Type Contact
Crisis Text Line Text Line Text ACTION to 741-741
Lifeline Call Line 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Trans Lifeline Website Visit website
The Trevor Project Website Visit website
ADAA Therapist Search Website Visit website
BetterHelp Website Visit website
Talkspace Website Visit website

Need help now?

If feeling “off” or overwhelmed is interfering with your everyday quality of life, it’s important to reach out for support.